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5 ways to display your kids' artwork

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It is so exciting when you start getting your first pieces when your kids are little ... the hand prints, the autumn leaves stuck on the paper plate

...the picture of a cat, no it's a dog ... oh I see darling it's a picture of me - it's beautiful!

Awww such happy memories my end

BUT then where do you put them?!

And trust me ... these pieces still keep coming for SOME TIME!

With so many of us with integrated appliances too, there's not even a fridge to put them on! Aaahhh!!!!!! What to do! What to do!

Fear not my lovelies, I've got some gorgeous (and simple!!) ideas below to help you on your way. Some are super cute for grown-up artwork too!...


White Tack and Washi Tape ..

This is a great non-committal game. You can literally just stick the artwork on the walls with White Tack or removable glue dots (I always avoid Blue Tack as the colour leaks on to the walls. Eeek!!!)

Then, add the frames to completely upgrade the look using Washi Tape. For those of you yet to discover the never ending joys of Washi Tape, it's a Japanese tape that's removable (just try a piece somewhere discreet on your wall to check first!) It comes in a huge range of colours and patterns for the ultimate in affordable fun!

Get the kids involved too ... if you dare. 😆 Or if you're more the sort that likes to arrange the Christmas decorations on the tree once the kids are in bed (yep get it), perhaps it's best to crack on with this when you're on your own too. 😘


Pegged and Good to Go

Simple and effective ... and so easy to change over.

Cute hey!

Just don't do this too close to an outside door or window. You do not want these to blow away!


Metal Grid

This is great for those who like a 'controlled vibe'.

No need to think about where to put the artwork once this grid chap is up and super easy to keep swapping them over.


Poster Hangers

Slightly more commitment to the wall but these have such a cool vibe!!

The top and bottom frame sections are magnetic so it's really easy to swap the pieces over when the latest creation comes home!


The Classic Corkboard

This classic is still an absolute winner.

A fab oversized one like this gives your creative genius a whole lot of space to display their talents. Yes free reign!!

Get googling children's drawing pins too for the next level in fun. Hoorah!


I hope these ideas help you TAME THE BEAST that is kids' artwork, and remember you can always bookmark this blog later to refer to later. Get yourself a 'Lynlea's To Tips' folder immediately 😘

P.S. I am rather obsessed with displaying artwork generally.

To see me sharing artwork tips and 'getting it right' on Insta head here.

(Was done a while back, the info's great - definitely wouldn't film it like that now 🙈)

best wishes to you,


Image credits: 1 - 2 -Scandiborn,, 3 - Decobaz


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