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5 tips for staging your house to sell

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

image credit: Livingetc


Hey, hey ... feeling a bit bombarded by politics at the moment, and all the news about what's going to happen with the economy ... enough already I say! Stay strong and KEEP SHINING! Regardless of all the here-say, if you are selling your home, let's see if I can help you make the most you possibly can!!

Want to get those buyers drooling?

The impact of your entrance is key. In fact according to Barclays Mortgages, the majority of house-hunters decide within ten seconds whether they like a property before they even get in the door!

So then ... let's be getting that feel good on entry factor going on my lovelies

(even for those of you who aren't planning to move anywhere soon - you know your home is worth a little upgrade ... read on x)


Front Door Fabulousness

If you haven't repainted your front door yet, now is the time. The weather's great (here in the UK!!), and this quick & affordable weekend job has your name written all over it!

The result is enticing and welcoming and yep, pretty darn gorgeous ... and just look at how much this beautiful door hardware levels it all up.

If this house was up for sale tell me you wouldn't be all in a quiver to get inside!


A Feel Good Mat

This little number manages to perfectly find the balance between stylish and fun - just the way we like it.

With a fab new doormat your home will look considered, and cared for .. and you'll have people queuing up to head on in.

OH HELLO indeed!


Clear The Decks!

What a smart looking hallway indeed (I particularly LOVE the pink coving ... but I digress!)

I'm sure having the bench there is super useful for getting shoes on and off, and random daily kid paraphernalia, but when you're selling your home it's really important that it doesn't feel cramped in your hallway.

If anything looks and feels like it's in the way, it is .. and it has to go!


Light and Reflective

A mirror is such a great go-to, particularly in narrow or dark hallways. Reflected light creates an increased sense of space ... and a little bit of sparkle!

In feng shui, mirrors placed in the hallway are seen as a positive too (unless it's at the end of a hall) so that's all good in my book!


Colour Matched Radiators

If your radiators are looking tired, or they're just pretty darn basic (AKA ugly-a-rama), painting them out the same colour as your wall will help lose them, upgrading them immediately.

Granted these radiators are prettty lovely anyway ... but you get the picture x


Would love to know which one of these simple tips ticks the 'yesss I can actually do that one ... let's get on it' box ... or indeed the 'yes that's an awesome one ... I'll get my partner on it immediately!' box 😘

Let me know in the comments below.

Have fun,

P.S. For more inspo on lovely front doors check out this board on my Pinterest. Follow me over there for help with sourcing your lovely images and bits!


Image credits: 1 - Live a little Wilder via Worthing Court , 2 - My Glamorous Place , 3 - Gold is a Neutral , 4 - Public 311 Design , 5 - Apartment Apothecary


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