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5 must haves for your home office

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

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Shout out to my fellow Work-from-Homers!!

If your working environment at home is getting you down, you will absolutely not be as productive as you could be.

These simple must-haves will help you create an environment in your work-from-home space to get you firing on all cylinders ... and ready to conquer the world. Boom!!


Swivel your way to Success

An ergonomic comfy chair is key, as you could well spend half your day in it.

Gorgeously, there are now office chairs available that can actually look good in our home too. Particularly fabulous in a Guest Bedroom cum Office scenario. Hoorah!!

Anthropologie and West Elm are great places to start your hunt.


Inspiration Board

To create that homely vibe an inspiration board will get you going!

Fab for keeping notes & ideas and getting those creative juices running ... and yes all for a vision board to help you manifest your dreams!!


Two is Better than One

Having space for two monitors, or a monitor & your laptop, is a streamlining nugget of absolute joy - a productivity powerhouse. Reducing the juggle of flicking between different windows will turn you into a multi-tasking maestro! And no this is not just for our Investment banking lot.


Go Vertical

Rather than having piles all over the place making you feel chaotic and stressed - streamline it. Go vertical in a box file. It really helps if space is rather limited too. Now this is where I do like a bit of 'matchy matchy'


Greenery Goodness

Bringing plants into your space will add a splash of colour, raise your positivity levels and increase the air quality.

What's not to love?!!

Plants that need little care are ideal in an office. Well they certainly are in my rather green-thumb challenged world!

The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is not only super easy to look after, but also has amazing air purifying qualities!


P.S. If these ideas sound great to you ... but the journey towards actually implementing them, and bringing your whole space together, feels overwhelming and punctuated with potential pitfalls, you are not alone.

Type HELP in the comments for me to magic your problems away!! 🪄

best wishes to you,



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