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Deep Dives


I love working with people on projects of any scale, because everyone deserves a home that makes them happy.

Whether you're focusing on just one room, taking on most of the project yourself and looking for professional guidance to help make the best decisions, or entrusting a large-scale project to be executed beautifully and efficiently ... I'm here to help!

Regardless of the project's size or your level of involvement, I start all projects with our unique 2 Hour Deep Dive.  This is key to getting to know you more, and really aligning your home and design.  I meet you where you are at in terms of designs and needs ... and bring the magic to your home.  The 2 hours is powerpacked, allowing us to make significant decisions to move you forward!!

If the one session is enough for you that's great!   However if you then want more, we tailor a bespoke proposal around your preferences and requirements.

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 This is for you if ...  

  • You've just bought a new house​

  • You're looking to sell your house

  • You're looking for the inspiration ... and sanity check only a professional can give!

  • You wish you could invite friends over & not feel embarrassed by your home.

  • Your home's driving you crazy, and you don't know how to fix it. 

  • You're feeling overwhelmed by all the images on Pinterest

  • You feel weighed down by all the daunting decisions & endless possibilities

  • You worry about making the wrong decisions ... causing costly mistakes!

  • You just don't have the time to sort this all out on your own!!


So what's it all about ...

Think of a Deep Dive with me like a fab interiors workshop where you can ask me ANY interior design questions you may have.

I meet you where you are at in terms of concerns, knowledge, ideas, experience ...

You might want to ask about layouts, concepts, furniture selections, paint colours … and with my 'Interior eye' you will receive all the answers you've been looking for!

Time with me to solve any of your interior dramas!!

Whether our session is on Zoom or in your home, I have all my samples including paints, flooring and fabrics.  I've spent years collating these samples from my FAVOURITE SUPPLIERS.  I've done all the legwork ... so you don't have to!! 

Together we will make decisions there and then to get you moving forward!

With my Home Healing method, I don't 'inflict' a specific style on you, but help you work through your needs, aspirations, and your existing space in detail ... to define a style, a direction, that works for you, is achievable, and importantly makes you FEEL THE WAY YOU WANT TO FEEL IN YOUR HOME!!

If it's a home you plan to sell on, we can tap into my years of experience to ensure you make the absolute most out of what you have, to line you up for the best possible sale.

After fine-tuning my Deep Dives for many years, I find that a 2 hour session is the optimum amount of time to really get things firing for you!

 Together we can ... 

  • Help you recharge in your home, rather than stress out in it!!

  • Unlock your home's potential with design, creativity and a little bit of laughter!!!

  • Discover what makes you happy in your home

  • Create a home so you always feel like you're on holiday!

  • Upgrade your home to make the most from it if you are selling

  • Improve your relationship ... because  you're no longer relying on your partner for opinions!

  • Give you a haven to enjoy your family, rather than just tripping over the kids toys!

  • Help you feel confident in your decision making with insider interior tips & tricks

  • Give you an inner-guiding Lynlea to keep you on track


'After working on my project with Lynlea, now when I buy anything else for the house I consult my 'inner Lynlea' and find I have a design confidence and skills I didn't have before.'


       David​, Peckham


Your right-hand Home Healer is here

II4A2895 3.jpg

About me ...

Hi, I'm Lynlea

... and I serve up happiness through design!!

I'm an award-winning interior designer, and am founder of Lynlea West Studio.

I've been an interior designer for over 20 years (ok nearly 25!) ... most of them working on prestigious projects throughout the world from Saudi Palaces to luxury hotels to glamorous central London properties.

I LOVED working in this world ... with considerable budgets, and access to the best of the best.  Who wouldn't love that?

It wasn't until I became a mother though, that I came to truly understand the importance of interior design in the home.  Motherhood was, shall we say, a tad challenging in those early days!  But it was my home that helped me keep it together!

It was my sanctuary. It was beautiful.  It was organised.  I could recharge ... and tap into its power.


I knew I then wanted to help BREATHE LIFE into as many homes as possible.  To create HOMES THAT NURTURE  - that provide a strong foundation from which us fabulous, crazy-busy people can direct all operations.

I created my Home Healing method to help you dive deeper into who you are, what feels right for you in your home .... and ULTIMATELY UNLOCK WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY  (or indeed the next lucky owner of your home 😘)


My projects have been FEATURED IN -


 PLUS ... you even get this ... 

Bonus One

  • I will send you my Home Healing Starter Kit ... a step by step guidance to 'get you in the zone' before our session so you can make the most of our time together!!  It's easy and fun ... and helps you tap into the potential of your home.

Bonus Two

  • I obtain trade discounts with many suppliers and LOVE handing these over directly to my Clients. 

'It’s like some sort of well kept secret.  The money I saved through Lynlea’s trade discounts practically offset her fee.'

Amy, Peckham Rye 

Deep Dive.png

Don’t just take it from me…


Here are the results from one of my clients, Joanna.

After meeting with Lynlea, a BURDEN HAS BEEN LIFTED. She blitzed through my long list of questions.

She was really focussed, listened and responded to my ideas with better ones. She has so much experience I feel I will now save money by making the right decisions.

Oh and she's really delightful and down to earth.

From the tiniest details of kitchen finishes, room layouts and furniture design, paint colours, lighting schemes, even more architectural stuff, she knows what will work and is realistic about budget.


READY to solve your interior dramas with me, 5 star hotel designer gone Home Healer ... to make the most of your home, your time, your life?!?

2 Hour Deep Dive - £397 

(travel allowance may need to be added depending on location if Deep Dive is in your home.  I am based in East Dulwich, SE22, London)

Click on the button below, so we can get you booked in and good to go for your Deep Dive!

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