OK it's time to stop looking at your four walls and just wishing your home was gorgeous.  You’ve had enough of seeing images on Instagram of other people’s beautiful homes & amazing lives, and yearning for the same.

There’s so much gorgeousness, and so many directions to take.  It’s overwhelming and you don’t have the first idea where to start.


Your lack of storage is driving you crazy.  You’re fed up of having a hodgepodge of random furniture thrown together in your space just because you happen to have them.


You’ve been wanting to do up your home for ages, and have ended up being stuck in it for so much of Lockdown.


Wow, who knew how important our homes were to become!


It’s time to sort it out.  I’m currently reaching out to people just like you to join me on my new course

Create your Home Vibe

You may have never considered the idea of using an interior designer, but here I am, ready and willing to share my design tips from many years of experience designing luxury hotels … to glamorous central London properties … to homes just like yours!


I will help you step by step to create a beautiful space that works for you.   I will take the overwhelm away. 

We will do this together . . .

and you will develop skills and confidence in your own interior design abilities.  It will feel amazing.

No more procrastinating and feeling unsure on designing your own home.  No more spending hours on the internet searching for the perfect table/sofa/lamp and not knowing what feels right anyway. No more slapping up paint samples on your walls weekend after weekend … and being no closer to reaching a decision.


Yes you’re busy, but this course will save you time and actually get you moving forward.  You get to learn an amazing new skill, you’ll be learning and laughing with other lovelies … and you will discover your inner creative gorgeousness (creativity is absolutely the new therapy - yes we all need it!!)


You will end up with a gorgeous room that you can feel super proud of because you have designed it.

Joining me on this course will help you dive deeper into who are, what feels right for you in your home .... and ultimately what makes you happy.

Let’s do it xx

online course


We will concentrate on designing one room of your choice in your home, other than a kitchen or bathroom. 


The course will be based on 6 weeks of Zoom workshops (although it can be done from the recorded sessions in your own time if you prefer)

Enrolment has just closed for the initial Beta Test run at £100, but you can register your interest below for the next course.


Workshop Topics -


Week One - Let’s get planning


Week Two - Discover your style and create your own mood boards


Week Three - Sourcing your gorgeous pieces (which will focus on upholstery, casegoods and lighting)


Week Four - Colour Scheme (you will also learn more about how to design curtains, blinds and cushions)


Week Five - Paint colours and Flooring!


Week Six - The Final Touches (where we will focus on artwork, mirrors, accessories and of course styling)



Enrolment for the first course is now closed. 


Don't feel you've missed out though!  You can always register your interest in the next course below and I will keep you informed of upcoming details.

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