Welcome to an insider world of pro interior design tips... 


I can help ...

In 'Create your Home Vibe' we will concentrate on designing one room of your choice in your home, other than a kitchen or bathroom. 


The course is 6 weeks and you can work through the video lessons at a time and pace that suits you!!  So yes if life get's in your way I've got your back.

I am here to help you step by step to create a beautiful space that works for you.   I will take the overwhelm away. We will do this together. and you will develop skills and confidence in your own interior design abilities.


No more procrastinating and feeling unsure on designing your own home.  No more spending hours on the internet searching for the perfect table/sofa/lamp and not knowing what feels right anyway. No more slapping up paint samples on your walls weekend after weekend … and being no closer to reaching a decision.

We will discover, and release your inner designer.

It will feel amazing. 


what will I learn about ??

...and once you have completed this you will have Created your Home Vibe

and be ready to purchase and install your fabulous scheme.

You will feel empowered, capable and creative!

Hi, I'm Lynlea

I absolutely believe that by creating beautiful spaces, and purging ourselves of what doesn’t work for us anymore, we are rewarded with a new energy of happiness and wellbeing. 

I am passionate about helping busy people create gorgeous homes, finding their own style, confidence and a whole lot of joy on the way.

I have been an interior designer for over 20 years ago and have been blessed to work on luxury projects throughout the world from Saudi Palaces to luxury hotels to glamorous central London properties.

With my vast experience in all directions I have designed in a huge range of styles.  I can find joy in them all, and it is hugely important to me to help people find their own style and direction that works for them.  Everyone is unique and I am here to guide and support on the journey.  I will take the overwhelm away. and be there as your right hand interior designer.

Lynlea West
Interior Designer
Huntress of Beautiful Things


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What people are saying about this course

Flowers in Glass Jar

Joanna, Northern Ireland

Really great structure in the process of how to go about making a conscious design choice for a room, what to think about and how to actually make it happen!  Sooooo many tips!!  So helpful!! Lynlea is a design pro and really lovely.

Loved the Q&A sessions. Great to be able to get insight into other students projects and pick up tips. Also thought the do's and don't were a great way to avoid making glaring interior faux pas!!!   Thanks lovely xx

Image by Annie Spratt

I really like the way you have presented the tasks on the video! You are clear and engaging.  I like your voice and tone, it is very even and happy!
The birdseye view of sketching the room is spot on...loved hearing the cat's bell tinkling in the background along the way :). The course overall gives a fabulous overview of what it takes for you to be able to Create your 'own' Home Vibe

Keep up the great work. You were born to teach.  Thank you so much!

Home Decor

I have learnt so much.... starting with "feel" and words to describe the space and creation of a mood board created focus/goal to work towards.  Having this means so much gets ruled out because it doesn't align e.g. colours.  Needed that direction!.   I was struggling with the "balance" in my  bedroom.  Something looked off and I knew it did, but I didn't know what it needed to fix it.  This course has given me the knowledge and confidence to know what I need to consider.  I've loved it!

Tess, Melbourne

Clare, London

price for soft launch

The Beta test/first run of the course is finished.  ​  It went super well and we have now moved the course over to an amazing new system.  We will be preparing a new version with updated graphics and all things fabulous!     While this is being developed, we are offering a soft launch of the course. 

The content is there.  The content is great.  Just minus the extra graphic enhancements.   


This is 50% off what the full launch will be!!


oooh there's more..

it also includes these fabulous bonuses

Bonus One

Your unlimited access to the video lessons to go through, as and when, will include the new updates as they are completed!!

Bonus Two

Private facebook group where you can gain support from other lovely students in our amazing design community, and can also ask for personal feedback from me!

Bonus Three

Weekly Q and A's on Zoom where discussion of your project really comes alive. Without live support a lot of people can just drop off the edge when they buy a course!  You can ask me anything you need to help move your project forward and I can help you stay on track to make the most of this course!  Even just listening in will help you learn so much from other people's projects. 
It's a fun and chilled out vibe and my favourite part of the week hanging out with everyone ♡

ACS_0001 2.jpg

Yes you’re busy, but this course will save you time and actually get you moving forward.  You get to learn an amazing new skill, you’ll be learning and laughing with other lovelies … and you will discover your inner creative gorgeousness (creativity is absolutely the new therapy - yes we all need it!!)


You will end up with a gorgeous room that you can feel super proud of because you have designed it.

Joining me on this course will help you dive deeper into who are, what feels right for you in your home .... and ultimately what makes you happy.

Let's do it xx