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Workshops with Lynlea


Are you feeling rather lost, and in need of some of my advice and guidance?

Do you need to get back on track in your home design for the New Year?

'The Finishing Touches' is a day's workshop to take you from unsure to underway.

No more feeling overwhelmed by unfinished jobs, and overwhelmed by irritations you keep meaning to sort out. 

Let’s face it, we all need to recharge in our homes, not stress out in them.

Bring along your concerns and queries to me, for a whole lot of professional interior design tip magic!

 'The Finishing Touches'.  

You will also get access to these great bonuses!!

⟡ ‘Discounts from these fabulous suppliers

Mix Living - 25%

Corston - yes a gorgeous door hardware and switch plate supplier - 20%

Rose and Grey - 15%

Shelf Direct - where I love getting my custom sized picture ledges from - 10%


… and the fabulous who want to support my workshops and are offering 30% off!!!


I am also following up with other suppliers too to get even more discounts to add  on as we get closer to the date!!

'It’s like some sort of well kept secret.  The money I saved through Lynlea’s trade discounts practically offset her fee.'

Amy, Peckham Rye 


.a no brainer me thinks!


⟡ ‘Reflection' - a video that is the perfect starting point to help you step away from the overwhelm if you are looking at redesigning a new space.


⟡ 'Your Photographs’ - this video shows you how to take clear photos of your existing space. 


No judgement here on the current state of you space at all, but good photos definitely help if you are after specific feedback from me on the day of the workshop.

... and are always good for you to have as records for your 'Before and Afters'!! 😊


⟡ Pattern and Fun - fabulous inspiration to start your colour scheme.


⟡ Lynlea's Bookmarked Suppliers - itemised suppliers websites that I have collated over my (many!) years of being an interior designer. 

 ... and just added 

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Workshop Details

’The Finishing Touches’ 

Friday 14th January

9.15am - 3.15pm on Zoom (yes around school times!)

Cost - £147

Limited spaces available!

If you have any question just feel free to email me here

Come on - let's do it xx

So yes the workshop is about design but importantly it is about creating a home, a life that nurtures us ... a space that supports easy living because not only is it beautiful, it works. 

It is about creating a home that is a strong foundation from which us fabulous ladies can direct all operations 💥

It will be with a group of amazing, understanding women (with many of the same issues, and life challenges, as you!)

It is about community ... and together we can find inspiration, motivation and joy for the New Year ahead.  Yess!

So what do you think?   Christmas present for yourself? 😘