step-by-step with Lynlea

your Home Healer with over 20 years of experience 💫

Are you ready to create a beautiful sanctuary in which to recharge? 

Create the home you deserve, without all the chaos and decision overwhelm, 

in just 6 weeks?


CREATE YOUR HOME VIBE is designed to help you transform your house from a battleground ... to the Home of Your Dreams!!


It’s an online course jam-packed with everything you need to know about designing a home that makes you FEEL THE WAY YOU WANT!!

I share my step-by-step guidance to actually make it happen - with practical, achievable interior tips and tricks!

We’ll work together to take you from feeling fed up with your home, and unsure where to start because there's so much *!^:#! stuff to be done you just want to scream!

..... to feeling supported, empowered and inspired in your home design decisions! ✨


It’s time to get the help you need, to finally live in a home that you are proud of, a HOME THAT BRINGS YOU JOY!! 😁

ACS_0007 2.jpg

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside 'Create Your Home Vibe'.

We will concentrate on designing a key space in your home, other than a kitchen or bathroom.

Once you have completed this course you will feel capable and bursting with confidence!

You will have taken great creative ideas, and ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO TRANSLATE THEM INTO YOUR OWN HOME.

You will no longer feel scared about making the 'wrong decisions' 

And you will be ready to purchase and install your fabulous scheme!!!

To guide you there you will have -

- 6 weeks of online training videos

(LIFE-TIME ACCESS so you can work through them at a time and pace that works for you!)

Week One - Let's Get Planning  

Diving deep into what you like and what you don't in your space


Week Two - Discover Your Own Style  

Exploring how you want to feel in your space. THIS IS KEY!

Creating a pathway from how you want to feel, to the style that works for you, designing your own mood boards.

We have a whole lot of Pinterest top tips (and a big secret...shhh...) to help you use this tool to its full potential.

Week Three - Sourcing Your Gorgeous Pieces 

Everything you need to know about sizing, comfort, proportion

& a whole lot of designer insight about upholstery, casegoods and lighting

Plus I share with you my LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF SUPPLIERS to get you going on your sourcing journey!

Week Four - Colour Scheme  

Clear direction on how colours schemes are put together ... so you can easily put together a gorgeous one of your own!

Letting you into the INSIDER TIPS of curtain, blind and scatter cushion design

... and advice on just how many cushions you should use (and what size they should be!!) to create beautiful and achievable cushion arrangements.

Week Five - Fabulous Flooring & Paint Colour Palettes  

Getting your flooring right, and your paint colour palettes on point is key to creating the perfect back drop for your scheme!!

Here I give you inspiration and practical tips to guide you in the world of flooring

... plus loads of achievable tricks to help find a creative paint palette that expresses you, and feels sooo good! 

Become a Paint-Colour-Superstar with me!

Week Six - The Final Touches  

This is the week most of my students like the best, so a great one to finish with 🚀

Here we explore the joys of artwork, mirrors and accessories and how to style them in your own space ...

And bring it alive ... so that it feels gorgeously and perfectly YOU!

I also unlock the secrets on how to CREATE A GALLERY WALL, and HOW TO STYLE THOSE SHELVES

that until now have driven you bonkers!!! 😘

Marble Surface

There’s nothing worse than trying to sort out little bits here and there in your house, but just not seeing the results 🤪


To  be flicking through the magazines, scrolling on Instagram, ordering in lots of samples, and asking your less-than-interested partner their opinion ... in an attempt to finally make some decisions and move forward with improving your home...

But errr ... it’s still not happening!! 


Enough already! That stops right now.

Life’s too short to be living in a home that feels like a bad relationship, constantly picking at you making you feel inadequate and stressed, while you're constantly obsessing over other people's perfect house pics and PERFECT LIVES. 


Whether you ...

yearn for a gorgeous magazine-worthy space,

Or… you just want to create a space that doesn't drive you crazy, and cross some #'!* off your list



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Marble Surface

Hmmm ... thinking it might be just about time to introduce myself properly  ...

Hi, I'm Lynlea

... and I serve up happiness through design!!

I am an award-winning interior designer, and am founder of Lynlea West Studio.

I help busy professionals BREATHE LIFE INTO THEIR HOMES, without judgement or overwhelm.  Together we create a gorgeous home, a sanctuary in which to recharge.

I have been an interior designer for over 20 years (ok nearly 25!) and have been blessed to work on prestigious projects throughout the world from Saudi Palaces to luxury hotels to glamorous central London properties.

Working in this world was indeed pretty darn spectacular ... with  considerable budgets, and access to the best of the best.  Who wouldn't love that? 

BUT the residential properties I was designing for foreign investors might only be used by them once a year.  They would love the designs ... but how much of an impact was I really having?


It is my PASSION, and indeed my purpose, to help people in their day-to-day lives ... to have an impact creating amazing homes that are fine-tuned to the wonderful people living in them. To help them live their best lives.

I’m all in on helping people just like you create A HOME THAT NURTURES US - a strong foundation from which us fabulous, crazy-busy people can direct all operations 💥

My projects have been FEATURED IN -

I believe that by creating gorgeous spaces, and purging ourselves of what doesn’t work for us anymore, we are rewarded with a new energy of happiness and wellbeing.!!

Having worked on many types of projects, I have designed in a huge range of styles.  I can find joy in them all. 


I don't 'inflict' a specific style on you, but help you work through your needs, aspirations, and your existing space in detail ... to define a style, a direction, that works for you, is achievable, and importantly makes you FEEL THE WAY YOU WANT TO FEEL IN YOUR HOME!! 

I help you dive deeper into who you are, what feels right for you in your home .... and ULTIMATELY UNLOCK WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! 


Don’t just take it from me …

here's some epic wins from some of my students ...

Flowers in Glass Jar

Joanna, Northern Ireland

Really great structure in the process of how to go about making a conscious design choice for a room, what to think about and how to actually make it happen!


Sooooo many tips!!  So helpful!! Lynlea is a design pro and really lovely.

Loved the Q&A sessions. Great to be able to get insight into other students projects and pick up tips. Also thought the do's and don't were a great way to avoid making glaring interior faux pas!!!   Thanks lovely xx

Image by Annie Spratt

I really like the way you have presented the tasks on the video! You are clear and engaging.  I like your voice and tone, it is very even and happy!
The birdseye view of sketching the room is spot on...loved hearing the cat's bell tinkling in the background along the way :).


The course overall gives a fabulous overview of what it takes for you to be able to Create your 'own' Home Vibe

Keep up the great work. You were born to teach.  Thank you so much!

Home Decor

I have learnt so much.... starting with "feel" and words to describe the space and creation of a mood board created focus/goal to work towards.  Having this means so much gets ruled out because it doesn't align e.g. colours.  Needed that direction!.  


I was struggling with the "balance" in my  bedroom. Something looked off and I knew it did, but I didn't know what it needed to fix it.  This course has given me the knowledge and confidence to know what I need to consider. I've loved it!

Tess, Melbourne

Clare, London

Marble Surface

Ready to live in a home that brings you crazy amounts of joy,

rather than adding to your never ending list of frustrations?!?


Then join me inside CREATE YOUR  HOME VIBE today 

... and don't forget you have lifetime access
to these fabulous online video lessons to not only help you with the room you are thinking of now, but the next room ... and the next property!
These lifetime skills are just a click away!!

All for just